evGrandPrix History

The Purdue Electric Vehicle Grand Prix was launched in 2010 as part of Purdue’s electric vehicle initiative. Purdue partnered with the leading technical universities and colleges in Indiana to establish a program to educate and train the workforce needed to design, manufacture and maintain advanced electric vehicles. A leading engineering and technology university, Purdue seeks to train students and the Indiana workforce to deliver and maintain the electric vehicles of tomorrow.

Purdue evGrandPrix

We are in the fifth year of the evGrandPrix that is held at Purdue University and the fourth year of the International evGrandPrix that is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Purdue evGrandPrix is more than just a race – it represents the opportunity to change a generation. The purpose of this event is to accelerate innovation through education. Using electric powered go-karts, it inspired college students to commit their creative energies to develop future electric vehicle technologies. The winner of this event is the team that best blends kart design, battery efficiency, community outreach, and race placement in the 50 lap event. The future of transportation is changing and the Purdue evGrandPrix looks to charge the innovation of personal vehicles. Join us as we develop new modes of transportation for the future fueled by clean and renewable energy.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Purdue Electric Vehicle Grand Prix is creating new partnership opportunities. With this sponsorship we are offering significant community exposure through trackside banners, marketing materials, exhibit booths, giveaways, web links, and more. As a sponsor you also have access to the leaders of tomorrow who are practicing skills vital to a growing country for internships and potential job placement opportunities. With the interest of the Purdue evGrand Prix spreading nationwide we are able to promote our sponsors on a larger scale. If your company is interested in becoming an event sponsor for the Purdue Electric Vehicle Grand Prix, please contact us using the ‘contact’ page.

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