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There are 4 more teams in this race who registered outside of this online application.

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Team Name Affiliation Kart Number Faculty Advisor Name Crew Chief Name
Institute Racing   7    
Spirit VIII   65    
Spirit VII   89    
Gigglewatts   43    
Cary Racing   30    
Lancer_motorsports   62    
Thunder Chunky   6    
EPICS EVEI   77    
Southern Polytechnic State University Electric Vehicle Team   48    
It's Electric   69    
EVRC   11    
Northwest State eV Motorsports   34    
Purdue Energy Forum   2    
Team Green   5    
IEEE   42    
I Tech Electric   4    
Ivy Green Racing   3    
Displaying 1 - 17 of 17

3 Responses

    SPSU EVT at ·

    How do you add/edit team members to your team list?

    SPSU EVT at ·

    Is there any information on the different catagories of the race? ie Design, OutReach, Efficiency? If so, please let us know.

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